Please DONATE to provide school supplies for the children, repair schools, construct new building for the community, and support our volunteer trip on August 4th through August 12th, 2018.
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About the Foundation

Transforming Youth In Haiti For a Better Tomorrow

Life for Haiti works to end the cycle of poverty by running and supporting educational projects for impoverished children across Haiti. We believe education empowers the individual, and smart, empowered individuals can work together to create a bright, sustainable future for the country. Life for Haiti’s schools and orphanages provide a structured, educational safe-haven for low-income and poor children.

Education is at the heart of everything we do. The conditions created by extreme poverty require a holistic approach. Thus, our supplementary programs provide the foundation for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We support our learning programs with food banks, health and nutrition clinics, bible studies, music education, minister training, and skills-based classes, such as textile- and craft-based lessons utilizing recycled and re-purposed materials.

Life for Haiti aims to create a rising tide that lifts all boats. Our students form a compassionate, loving community. In turn, they are able to grow up and give back. The cycle of poverty ends with educated, empowered individuals dedicated to helping others.