Please DONATE to provide school supplies for the children, repair schools, construct new building for the community, and support our volunteer trip on August 4th through August 12th, 2018.
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We need your help

Repairing roads and houses.

Repairing roads and houses.

Whether it’s a road near his churches that needs to be repaired or a house that belongs to a parish member damaged by storms or earthquake, Reverend Sylvain uses professional members of his church and missionaries to repair or rebuild the road or the house. All services, no matter how large the job, are done free of charge.

All donations received for the “Life For Haiti Foundation” will directly go and help fund all of our programs. These programs include efforts the help the following.

  • Provide homes for needy children
  • Offer first-rate education
  • Provide food and clothes to the community
  • Promote music and arts
  • Deliver medical assistance and physical therapy
  • Repair roads and houses
  • Provide seminars to train young ministers
  • Offer youth mentorship programs