Please DONATE to provide school supplies for the children, repair schools, construct new building for the community, and support our volunteer trip on August 4th through August 12th, 2018.
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Offering first-rate education.

Offering first-rate education.

Life for Haiti Foundation focusses primarily on education. Reverend Sylvain believes that education can transform the lives of youths in Haiti, providing them with a better tomorrow. The Foundation runs four schools of its own with more than 600 children attending the schools. A core value of all the schools is that the youths share their blessings and help others.

All donations received for the “Life For Haiti Foundation” will directly go and help fund all of our programs. These programs include efforts the help the following.

  • Provide homes for needy children
  • Offer first-rate education
  • Provide food and clothes to the community
  • Promote music and arts
  • Deliver medical assistance and physical therapy
  • Repair roads and houses
  • Provide seminars to train young ministers
  • Offer youth mentorship programs