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Meet the Team

Meet the foundation Team

Rev Jean Claude Sylvain

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Plant the seeds of compassion when you teach a person to fish and you will not only feed them for a lifetime, but they will share this teaching with others.

Rev. Jean Claude Sylvain was only 20 years old when he desired to start a school and open a home for orphans and needy children so that children could have access to education and a better tomorrow. His ambition originated from seeing his mother work as a live-in maid for just $5 a month. When he visited his mother, he had no access to the living room and couldn’t play with the other children, but instead had to stay in a single guest house room built outside the main house where his mother slept at night. He wondered: Why do human beings have to be treated that way?

In 1978, with the help of a minister who let him use a small room in his church, Rev. Sylvain started a school, just charging a small fee. When parents could not afford the small fee, Rev. Sylvain never sent the children home; instead, he would look for volunteer help with the teaching.
Mr Jean Carlos Sylvain

God will enrich your life when you make your living about enriching the lives of others.

Jean Sylvain was 13 years old when he was adopted by Rev. Jean Claude Sylvain. Even though he was young at the time, he knew that his adoption was a life-changing event. Growing up in a pastoral environment and having the chance to travel with his dad, Rev. Sylvain, gave him the opportunity to experience first-hand "the gift of giving to others, particularly those in need."

In 1988, Jean Sylvain moved to the United States to study. He is now a registered nurse. In 1996, he married his long-time best friend, Marie Joseph, who attended his father's church. The couple has two beautiful children: Carl and Tayina Sylvain.

Encouraged by his wife’s unconditional love and support, Jean has provided medical assistance to those in needs throughout Haiti. He now serves as the Vice President of Life for Haiti Foundation.
Ms Websterline Blanchard
(President Assistant)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mr Marc Gouin
I have had the distinct opportunity to serve and work with various organizations in our community, and with me being of Haitian decent ths foundation speaks directly to my heart. Therefore I will glady speak on behalf of this organization as we strive to bring hope to our beloved country. God Bless!
Ms Vanessa Desir
Migrated from Haiti, I always felt the need to help the underserved population. I've been working with various health centers assisting them with their needs. "Life for Haiti Foundation" gives me the opportunity to make direct impact on someone's life.
Mr Daniel Jean-Louis
(Board of Directors)
We want all children to have a place they can call home, surrounded by caring individuals they can call family, so they never feel alone and unsecure in this world.
Mr Pierre Louissa Licin
(Board of Directors)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mrs Claudine Mesier
(Board of Directors)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Ms Kerrit Saintal
(Communication Director)
I have amazing opportunities to be part of a variety different community initiatives and with those experiences, I bring with me administrative expertise and research experience that transcend different fields,” says Kerritt Saintal. “My parents are from Haiti and my love and passion for the country, makes the opportunity to work with this organization an honor.”
Mr Eli Joseph
(Media Director)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Ms Kebie Louicar
(Liason Boston)
I’m passionate about being in a position to help others. I want to be a reminder for the Youth in Haiti that they are not alone. Life For Haiti Foundation helps me to give hope to others. Galatians 6:18 “Carry each other’s burden and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”
Mrs Edna Blaise
(Director of Nursing)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mrs Falone Felix
(Logistic Director)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Ms Elizabeth Neuvieme
(Youth Director US)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mr John Charles
(Youth Advocate)
My parents were once immigrants from Haiti. I was very fortunate to be born in America, the land of many opportunities. I have witnessed many of my family members suffer from economic problems. I feel like something can be done to help the children’s of Haiti. I would love to be proactive and help assist the future of my blood country.
Mr Carl Sylvain
(Youth Advocate)
Why I love Life for Haiti Foundation? I love Live for Haiti Foundation for the amazing projects they have done. The foundation shows a different aspect in life, the love I have for my country and my people becomes deeper. The foundation travels all around Haiti, making sure they provide for the needy children in the best way possible. The impact that LHF has on the people is life changing; the foundation makes you appreciate life much more than before. I love LFH, and I can’t think them enough for allowing me to share these experiences with them.
Mr Isaac Lapierre
(Youth Advocate)
I am Being a part of this foundation gives me a opportunity to see a different side of this world where everything is not given to you. Although through all of this struggle these little boys and girls and adults they all always have a smile on their face and because of this wonderful foundation they are given anything they need to live a better life. This foundation also gives me a pathway that I can follow set by my leaders to grow in a holy, caregiving, and hardworking life
Mrs Stephanie Sylvain
(Event Planner)
My dad, Rev. Sylvain, has devoted his life, love, time, and money to help those who are in need. This devotion has inspired me since I was little, and I’ve always had the desire to help,” says Stephanie Sylvain. Now, Life for Haiti Foundation has given Stephanie the opportunity to make her dream a reality as she helps children and communities through her work as an Administrative Assistant for the Foundation.
Mr Jessy Bazelais
(Liaison Paris)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mr Eswenson Blanchard
(Youth Director/ Haiti)
Life For Haiti Foundation
Mr Brunard Michel
(Secretaire Haiti)
The children of the orphanage need our help and support to better their health, improve their nutrition, and increase church and school attendance so they become the leaders of Haiti’s tomorrow.
Ms Marie Edith Joseph
Life For Haiti Foundation